We create high profile documentaries for Cinema / TV Distribution. Social, Travel, Sports are our the areas were we have produce more content.

We use latest technologies (such as 4K, drone filming , underwater ,etc) to bring to the audience spectacular content in a variety of formats.

From the Sahara desert to the most remote Himalaya areas or the Amazon jungles, our documentaries describes a different universe.  A hidden world with their human interactions.

The power of human resilience,  the impressive sports achievements, or just simply….. the best stories.


We produce vibrant TV shows for international TV channels.

Please check an example:


We produce content that viewers ‘want to see’ instead of advertising they want to avoid

Together with our partner PR company, we create relevant engaging content that is placed it in the most relevant local or international media platforms (from TV channels to on-line sites or newspapers), in order to get maximum impact and coverage.

On-line mini series, instructional clips, content selection to create ‘trailers’ with the specific ‘angle’ for that market or territory, etc.  We analyze the impact of the PR value bringing realistic approaches to your budget.

We create content that is valuable for all parties:

The CONSUMERS find entertaining and interesting content. The MEDIA PLATFORMS increases their share and The BRAND is highly visible while empowering their core values.

To say it in simple: A WIN-WIN situation


We are an international team of passionate professionals, producing media content for multiple platforms (Cinema,TV, On-line), that engage the viewers.

Our headquarters are in Oslo (Norway) and we have also offices in Madrid and London (along 2014).

We cover a good array of different disciplines such Idea Development, Production, Postproduction and PR.  One of our signature specialties is our ability to work with worldwide brands, helping to develop and leverage branded content or product placement strategies, and creating ad-hoc media content.

In terms of our film capabilities, we cover most of the environments: studio, outdoors (urban, mountain, jungles, deserts, underwater). Also we have aerial (drones) filming capabilities or traditional Helicopter filming.

By the way, as you are wondering, our name is a tribute to Charles Darwin’s vessel ‘The Beagle’ , where he made a three year journey around the world. The outcome was the some of the most revolutionary scientific research in human history: The Theory of Natural Selection.






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